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What is DrupalWxT?

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The Drupal Web Experience Toolkit Distribution

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DrupalWxT, is designed and built by the Drupal community in collaboration with the Government of Canada in order to meet government-grade web property requirements. The distribution is production proven that includes re-usable tools and components for building and maintaining innovative enterprise websites that are multilingual, accessible, and interoperable while providing a fully responsive interface that tailors for any device from your desktop, to your tablet, to your smartphone.

DrupalWxT brings together best practice methodology paired with leading modules in one ready to deploy solution. It uses components that help with cross-browser compatibility and provides responsive and interchangeable regions within your layout ensuring developers and designs have the freedom needed to deliver amazing experiences.

The distribution meets Web Accessibility and Web Usability standards by using the most proven best practices with CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery in order to meet today's web functionality and reliability requirements.

Whether you are looking to build internal collaborative intranets, online services, MyAccount applications, or public web properties, DrupalWxT is the distribution that is providing amazing experiences and meet government-grade standards.

DrupalWxT Videos

Yup, DrupalWxT has a few videos to get you started

Theming in DrupalWxT

This video is a brief introduction to DrupalWxT Theming. It goes through setting up a subtheme, creating and adding CSS & JS files, modifying favicons, templating and much more.

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Features to get you started with DrupalWxT

Foundation and Fundamentals Package

The best package to get you started and on your way.


This kick-start package gets you and your team informed on all of the key knowledge needed to start your exciting experience in developing your web property in Drupal and the Drupal WxT Distribution.

As part of the package we will provide the following (on the right):

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Whats included:

  • A Drupal Orientation course
  • A Drupal WxT Orientation course
  • Install Drupal WxT on your system or provide a cloud environment work in.
  • Provide mentoring to your developers, project managers, and business owners
  • Teach you about the core DrupalWxT features (listed above)