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Managed Government Solutions powered by our Open Source accelerators.

When you need to get your project done right, and want it fully managed for a fast, reliable and extendable solution.

Our Solutions

Our primary Government Managed Solutions.


Public Sites Content Management System that instantly complies to Government of Canada Standards.

GCweb WxT4 Ready

Group Publishing

Reporting and Analytics

SiteIA & Metadata SEO

WebForms and Workflows

Enterprise Search

Your Content Structure


Powerful Internal Sites based on Content Management System that instantly complies with Government of Canada Standards.

Private to users

Office 365 Integration

WebForms Management

Enterprise Full-Text Search

Tailored Content Structure

Integrated Apps and API

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Provides highly flexible Public or Private Collaborative Applications which complies with Government of Canada Standards.

API-First Integrations


GCweb WxT4 Back-end

GCnotify Notifications

Encrypted WebForms

Groups & Roles

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Government templated

Other Solution accelerators

Forms Management, Polls and Surveys

Collaborative Consultations Portal

Bulk migration and content cleansing

API Integrated SalesForce or Office365 SSO

Courseware Registrations with Geo Maps

Career Progression Tools

Publications Management with Search Application

Recalls and Safety Alerts Solution


Our Managed Solutions provide you with so much more

Ensuring you get an extendable build premised on integrity that is always maintainable.


You get an experienced team, not just a resource

Knowing you get a team of experienced qualified professionals who do this together day-in and day-out, you're assured of a better product. No learning on the job, no false starts or staffing turnover.
You get all our Services

We bring the Bulk-Migration Hotness

We bring to the table a full infrastructure of tools to help bulk migration, conversion and cleansing of your content, and we're pretty good at it. It can save significant time and effort.
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A Managed Service with Hosting options

You always own your solution, we can either host it in our qualified Protected B cloud (SRTM ITSG-33/22), or we manage it for your cloud.
Hosting with SLA
Support and Maintenance

Drupal Screen Iphone wrapper
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We are Drupal CMS experts
with unmatched public sector experience.

Many of our clients are enterprise-class Governments, we have experience in Federal, Provincial and Municipal projects. From strategy to execution of nationwide intranets for ministries and global websites... it's time to leverage Open Source. See why Drupal and Solr are gaining so much momentum in all levels of government, and how you can easily deploy a multilingual and standards-compliant collaborative front-end platform.

More about DrupalWxT

Managed Services

We can provide turnkey fully hosted solutions in our Government of Canada compliant managed cloud platform, or help manage within yours.

Security Qualifications

OpenPlus is qualified for solutions and cloud for Canada Protected B (PBMM), including our entire technical team which are all Canadian Soil pre-qualified resources.

Procurement Vehicles

We have established Government of Canada supply arrangements for most streams on Solution-based SBIPS and Task-based TBIPS ProServices, contact us for more details.


Our solutions are modern containerized platforms that run instantly in the cloud as a managed service or on-premise, you decide.


SaaS Turnkey

24/7 concierge support

SLA - Service level agreements

Maintenance and security patches

Hosted with competitive usage rates

on Premises

Enterprise On-premises

24/7 concierge support

Maintenance and security patches

You host internally OR through your cloud provider, we provide response time SLA


Local Unmanaged

We recognize the sensitivity of content, and integration needs often require private network hosting. We can provide training and documentation on best practice maintenance if you need to be off the grid.

Government qualified

Unmatched Support.

Enterprise-grade support 24/7

Multiple layers of firewall

Multi-factor authentication

Vulnerability management

Security event logging and monitoring

Security incident response

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Uptime monitoring

Real-time log streaming

Troubleshooting and monitoring dashboard

Dev environment testing

Backups & Recovery

Keeping your site up-to-date and secure


After your website launches, you need it maintained and properly managed.

Drupal is an immensely powerful content management system and does require a certain level of maintenance to keep up with Drupal core and contributed module updates (especially those related to security).

Our experienced team manages all updates and maintenance to ensure the solution operates as designed, and remains extendable.

Drupal Core updates

Contributed module updates

Security and standards-compliance

Tested upgrades

Drupal performance assurances

Continuous alignment with GCweb

About DrupalWxT

What is it, other than the most active Government of Canada Open Source project?

Drupal Web Experience Toolkit is designed and built by the Drupal community in collaboration with the Government of Canada in order to meet government-grade web property requirements. The distribution is production proven that includes re-usable tools and components for building and maintaining innovative enterprise websites that are multilingual, accessible, and interoperable with anything.

DrupalWxT brings together best practice methodology from a critical mass community paired with leading modules in one ready to deploy solution with the freedom needed to deliver amazing experiences.

Drupal Community

What's in the box?

Features that get you started with DrupalWxT

Why Open Source?


Each OpenSource project has thousands of Communitybased add-ons available for free, and with Source Code open. You often even have options for common requirements, so don’t reinvent the wheel.


OpenSource Software is all about transparency, They are created from the ground up to be very accessible, and can be integrated with most common technologies.


You can control your software destiny and long-term stewardship of your integrated systems.

Cost control

Stay out of the licensing gauntlet! Reduce integration, maintenance and operation costs... even upgrades.


Always a big one. There are 100’s of core developers from each project that regularly monitor security risks.


Given the popularity of these platforms, the community is large. Your own resources can easily adapt to these solutions... get a little help from our consulting services initially, and you can soon fly solo:).

Getting Started

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