Yukon's Labour Market Information Web Portal

Yukon was looking for a vendor to develop a Labour Market Information Web Portal (LMI Portal) using the Drupal Content Management Platform.

The LMI Web Portal would disseminate Yukon-related Labour Market Information, using syndicated web content feed(s) (RSS and ATOM), to labour market participants, employers, educators, service providers and stakeholders. The purpose of the LMI Portal is to collect available Labour Market Information relevant to Yukon and disseminate it to our labour market participants and stakeholders using a clear and easy-to- use website. The LMI Web Portal will be primarily based on information released by third-party content sites. The metadata about content will need to be stored for future search and retrieval by LMI Portal users. The actual content is expected to remain on the original publisher’s website.

OpenPlus was engaged to deliver the LMI portal which extracted and aggregated content from multiple feeds (RSS and ATOM) to allow for a single searchable index. This included the ability to add tags/metadata to the feeds that were inherited to it's content, allowing for faceted searches to be performed.

The application runs on the DrupalWxT distribution, with a Yukon branded theme and content that is provided by Yukon as well as downloaded through the multiple feeds. The site provides bilingual and WCAG 2.0 level AA compliant content.



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