National Research Council Canada

The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development. Providing innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services.

OpenPlus was contracted to deliver a Nationwide Web Content Management System (WCMS) Collaborative Intranet Site for the National Research Council of Canada.

This deployment includes advanced features such as; user self-serve profile and skillset updating and dashboards on topic and type of content relevancy, collaborative features, moderated workflow content, survey and polling, branch level content administration… as well as a calendar, headline news, policy manager, classifieds, and over a dozen other custom NRC apps.

We integrated their user base seamlessly from their Microsoft Active Directory LDAP servers and tied into their IBM/Domino, SAP and Sharepoint environments in order to deliver a versatile integrated solution with full group mappings. We leveraged a Group solution to help better control access and approval capabilities. A sophisticated scripted migration process was able to efficiently move their content from their old static sites into something which was managed. Providing training to their internal team including System admins, Developers and Communications teams.

Federal Governement

Collaborative Intranet + Mobile

Information Architecture

Drupal Consulting

System Integration


Drupal Theming


Project Management


WCAG Accessibility

Intranet Project highlights

Collaborative. Multilingual. Accessible. Responsive. OpenSource.

Unified Dashboard

OpenPlus was contracted to prototype a self-service portal to help internal staff be more efficient and autonomous. Currently, NRC has many disparate systems from user authentication, to IT Services, HR, Procurement and so on. The staff has to jump from one system to another, each providing a different user experience and limited level of integration resulting in a broken process. Different back-end systems result in varying business processes and an inconsistent experience for employees.

OpenPlus was engaged to extend Drupal to prototype a new system to create a common interface to several back-end systems, which serves as one-stop portal that provides a streamline process and unified experience.

The dashboard amalgamates information from different systems giving the employees an overview across the organization.


The dashboard amalgamates information from different systems giving the employees a consistent and rich user interface. Using the new portal, the staff can access and navigate through different employee services using a simple multi-step form wizard.

Smarter Workspace

Through the common unified dashboard, users can personalize their experience based on who they are, what their roles are the organization, and their location.

Technologies & Accessibility

Microsoft Active Directory





Microsoft Sharepoint


Apache Web Server

SOLR Search Engine

MySQL & Memcache



Website meets Treasury Board accessibility policies WCAG 2.0.

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