Health Canada

Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

OpenPlus was contracted to deliver a Web Content Management System (WCMS) for Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada intranet site for over 15,000 nationwide employees. Consistent with TBS recommendations and the other government department rollouts and a tight deadline, OpenPlus is working with HC and PHAC to introduce the Drupal7 WET/WxT platform (an open source content management system).

This deployment includes features such as; user self-serve dashboards on topic and type of content relevancy, collaborative features, moderated content, survey and polling.

We integrated their user into the LDAP IBM/Domino solution with full group mappings. We leveraged a Group solution to help better control access and approval capabilities. A sophisticated scripted migration process was able to efficiently move their content from their old static sites into something which was managed. Providing training to their internal team as well as guiding the Shared Services group on some best practices for optimum performance such as Varnish tuning.

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  • Federal Governement


  • Collaborative Intranet + Mobile


  • Drupal Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability
  • Migration
  • Drupal Theming
  • System Integration
  • Testing
  • WCAG Accessibility


Project highlights

Multilingual. Accessible. OpenSource.

  • Redeveloping HC and PHAC’s websites and providing a new web content management system using DrupalWxT to manage the website.
  • Personalized a customized landing pages on a user identification/location basis
  • Auto-Migration of department's daily email messaging application within the new intranet environment
  • Mobile responsive ready intranet
  • Publishing workflow that supports peer review and revision control
  • Consulting on the best practices of adoption surrounding Drupal7WxT in collaboration with other data systems held by HC/PHAC
  • Training for internal employees during the transition process and supported the management, administration and extension of the platform
  • Collaborative efforts among HC/PHAC/SSC developers to develop the application code in a test environment, conduct systems tests, assist with user acceptance testing and implement application into production
  • Threat Risk Assessment with Health Canada Project Team, Security Staff, and Shared Services Canada to conduct a full Threat Risk Assessment on the Drupal infrastructure and Drupal software architecture to ensure compliance with Government of Canada standards. This TRA included review and recommendations for website security, risk evaluations on software and infrastructure, preventative security activities, failure resolution testing, and in-depth risk assessments of code and impact of hacks and intrusions.
Health Canada User page
Health Canada Landing page

Technologies & Accessibility

Under the hood powered by OpenSource

  • LDAP and Novell identity platforms
  • RSS structured publishing feeds
  • XML
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Drupal web content management system
  • Apache Web Server
  • SOLR Search Engine (TBD)
  • My SQL database
  • PHP server side scripting language
  • IBM Lotus Notes framework

Website meets Treasury Board accessibility policies WCAG 2.0. OpenPlus worked with project team to test accessibility standards and ensure content providers understand accessibility needs and requirements.

For a full case study on this project, please contact us.