Canadian Transport Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and regulator. As a regulator the Agency provides approvals, issues licenses, permits and certificates of fitness, and makes decisions on a wide range of matters involving federal air, rail and marine transportation.

Prior to the project undertaking, the Air Licensing forms were large multi-page PDF forms that required Air Carriers, their Agents or Representatives to provide a lot of information that was repeated across forms as well as information that the Agency already had in their systems. Due to the cumbersome nature of the forms, the clients of the Agency requested that the process be streamlined and made easier.

After much research, the Agency decided to purse an on-line forms solution based on Drupal – the CMS that was already successfully being used to manage their Internet and Intranet sites. It was at this point they approached OpenPlus to produce a prototype online form solution that was to become the platform for all forms based services the Agency provides.



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The Agency and OpenPlus's senior architect worked very closely to review the requirements and evolve them to reflect what is now possible in a digital on-line form world. There were some key requirements for the solutions that proved challenging.


The solution had to be accessible, responsive and multilingual;

Users would not be authenticated within the system;

Users needed to be able to save and return to an application form;

Users could share a view-only copy of the form with other users;

Submitted forms were to be sent via XML to Microsoft Dynamics;

Forms should leverage existing information while protecting private information.

Our Approach

From desk to pocket. Wherever they go in the device they love.

Through an iterative process of prototyping, reviewing and desiging we built a solution that met all of the requirements and exceeded the expectations of the Agency and its clients.

The foundation of the solution was the Drupal Web Experience Toolkit (DrupalWxT). The DrupalWxT distribution provided a base system with the ability to be accessible, responsive and multilingual.

This was a critical factor in being able to deliver a feature-rich solution within the budget and tight time-frame.

Our Approach

From desk to pocket. Wherever they go in the device they love.

Form Managmenet

A dashboard that provides a simple user interface for creating and modifying forms for non-technical users.


Quick and easy form creation from a variaty of pre-built templates, with options to extend a template or create new ones.

Responsive Layouts

Drag-and-drop form layout that automatically supports multiple screen sizes.

Form Widgets

Sets of shared form elements

Data Pre-Population

Enabling new forms to be pre-populated using information from previous forms.

Our Solution


The solution allows existing carriers to self identify and avoid filling in information that the Agency already has on file.

Multi-Step Forms

Forms are simple and clear, multi-step forms alleviate the need for scrolling and keep the form from looking too daunting. The progress bar provides the user an overview of where they are in the form submission process.

Share & Collaborate

At any time, the user can save a draft of the form, send it to another user for review and return later to complete it.

Mobile Ready

Forms are also 'responsive' meaning that they adjust and tile according to the screen size of the device displaying the form.